Welcome Students!

Orthopeadic Manual Physical Therapy is a specialized area of physical therapy that uses manual techniques to facilitate pain free motion.

The purpose of the AAOMPT-sSIG is to serve its members by fostering active student involvement and networking within the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists and developing a community of students committed to the advancement of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy, ultimately developing future leaders not only in the field of orthopaedic manual physical therapy, but the physical therapy profession as a whole.

Goals of the AAOMPT-sSIG

  • To provide extra opportunities to grow as a student PT
  • Promote discussions between students, faculty, and fellows
  • Accelerate decision making skills and processes
  • Networking with future colleagues


  1. Build membership and encourage the active participation of students in AAOMPT-sSIG with student representation at local, state, regional and national AAOMPT, APTA Student Conclave, Combined Section Meetings, and State APTA conferences.
  2.  Increase awareness among physical therapy students regarding the implementation of manual therapy principles in clinical decision making.
  3. Establish dialogue between student members, faculty and fellows by means of discussion boards, breakout sessions and events at National Conference.
  4. Support state-of-the-art education regarding the application of evidence and research skills in practice.
  5. Provide students with the opportunities for education related to orthopaedic manual physical therapy through the National AAOMPT conference, regional breakout sessions, Grand Rounds or sub-chapters.

AAOMPT Rules and Regulation