2017-2018 AAOMPT sSIG Elections



  • Stephen Ford
    • Stephen is a 3rd year physical therapy student at Texas Tech University, and currently serves as a Member-at-Large for the sSIG. He has previously served as the President of Texas Tech’s AAOMPT Student Local (ASL) program. Additional, he has served as an ambassador for Texas Tech University President’s Office.
    • As a current Member-at-Large for the AAOMPT sSIG, Stephen brings a year of experience and understanding towards the current mission of the sSIG. He has attended the past 2 annual AAOMPT conferences, meeting with many of AAOMPT’s leaders, which he feels will enhance his ability to advance the agenda of the sSIG and the Academy. In the past year, Stephen has played an integral role in expanding the number of ASL programs across the country from 5 to 18. With your support, Stephen would consider it an honor to continue expanding the reach of AAOMPT to students as sSIG President in 2018.
  • Jeffrey Kurtz
    • Jeff is a 2nd year physical therapy student at Temple University. He is responsible for founding Temple’s AAOMPT Student Local (ASL) program and currently serves as its president. In addition, he conducted research on Temple’s ASL program to track outcomes in order to present at AAOMPT 2017. Jeff also serves as the clinic coordinator of Temple’s student run, pro-bono clinic: the North Broad PT Center.
    • Jeff is running for President because he believes that by increasing the reach of ASL programs, the sSIG can continue to draw more students to AAOMPT and benefit both the sSIG as well as the Academy. Jeff would like to create local and regional networks of ASLs in order to expand the educational sessions offered via ASL programming.


  • Ryan Campanella
    • Ryan is a 3rd year physical therapy student at Thomas Jefferson University. He is responsible for founding TJU’s AAOMPT Student Local (ASL) program, and currently serves as its president. He also serves as the clinical coordinator of TJU’s student-run, pro-bono clinic which is open Monday-Wednesday each week, serving two different locations. Ryan is also working with peers and faculty on research, looking to discern the different etiologies of compartmental knee osteoarthritis in hopes to provide better information on intervention appropriateness to this population.
    • Ryan is running for Vice-President because he has experience running multiple organizations, and believes he can help expand the scope of AAOMPT to students across the greater Northeast region. He believes that he can work with other executive officers to meet their objectives, and overall elicit more interest in the ASL program, and AAOMPT as a whole.


  • Joe Griffin
    • Joe is a 3rd year physical therapy student at the University of North Dakota. Joe currently serves as the founder and President of UND’s AAOMPT Student Local (ASL) program, as well as President of the DPT Class of 2018. Prior to PT school, Joe was an anatomy and physiology teacher. Joe is involved with strength & conditioning of UND’s D1 athletes as a representative from the PT department. Joe enjoys spending time shadowing UND’s current Sports PT resident. Joe is an avid traveler, volunteers at his local CrossFit gym performing assessments, and was the president of a wildlife conservation group during his undergraduate studies.
    • Joe is interested in running for a member-at-large position because he is very passionate about manual therapy and its growth in PT. He has seen first hand the impact of an ASL program at students after founding one at UND. He would like to continue to promote more ASLs across the country. He firmly believes in the benefits of AAOMPT and APTA membership for students and professionals. He believes that with his contacts at other schools in the upper Midwest, he can continue to expand ASL programs to other universities. He believes that his communication and leadership skills, previous life experience, and current role as a class president will allow him to bring a great deal of energy, passion, and ideas to the continued success and growth of the AAOMPT sSIG.
  • Chelsea Petska
    • Chelsea is a 3rd year physical therapy student at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Chelsea has a great interest in sports medicine, orthopedics, and manual therapy. During her undergraduate training at Centenary College of Louisiana, she initiated a program to have student athletic trainers in Centenary’s sports medicine department, including rotations with each of the 16 sports team. She currently serves as the historian for Texas Tech’s AAOMPT Student Local (ASL) program. She also serves as a volunteer regularly at the Texas Tech Therapeutic Riding Center, providing therapeutic riding and hippotherapy lessons.
    • Chelsea is running for member-at-large because she passionately believes in the value of membership within ASLs as well as AAOMPT as a whole, including the opportunities membership provides to students to further their knowledge and skills beyond “entry-level.” She would like to continue to grow the number of ASL programs across the country, and serve as a resource for ideas on membership and programming to future and established ASL programs. As a member of the Texas Tech ASL, she has worked closely with the current member-at-large, Stephen Ford, and believes she has the time and ability to perform this role well.
  • Matthew Miralgia
    • Matt is a 2nd year physical therapy student at Temple University. Matt currently serves as the educational chair for Temple’s AAOMPT Student Local (ASL) program where he assists with meeting scheduling, session planning, and facilitating student-run lectures. He has co-authored research presented at the AAOMPT 2017 conference regarding outcomes following the formation of an ASL program. Matt also works as a personal trainer on campus in the Temple Campus Recreation Center.
    • Matt is running for member-at-large because he firmly believes in the continuously developing body of research that supports manual therapy. He considers assisting with the development of new ASLs across the country and increasing AAOMPT membership critical to continuing to grow the Academy and the PT profession as a whole. Matt would like to create a greater social medial presence for AAOMPT and the AAOMPT sSIG, as well as begin to host live chat Q&A’s for current, new, or interested ASL programs as well as AAOMPT student members. In addition, Matt would like to travel to local PT programs in his area and spread the message about AAOMPT to students as well as the benefits of establishing an ASL program.

Conference Chair

  • Dylan Roman
    • Dylan is a 2nd year physical therapy student at the University of Connecticut where he currently serves as president of UConn’s Student American Physical Therapy Association (SAPTA).
    • Dylan is running for Conference Chair because he realizes the opportunities available to enhance the sSIG’s conference experience. He plans to continue to improve on past sSIG conference events, including the hands-on manual therapy session. Dylan also wants to re-introduce the student scholarship for the annual conference by organizing fundraising effort’s at CSM in February 2018.
  • Madison Woody
    • Madison is a 1st year physical therapy student at East Tennessee State University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Wellness from Tennessee Technological University in 2016. Since beginning PT school, she has attended TPTA Day on the Hill, joined ETSU’s AAOMPT Student Local (ASL) program, and helped organize ETSU DPT’s Annual Zombie Run with proceeds benefiting the Mercer-Marquette Challenge.
    • Madison is running for Conference Chair because she believes her abilities to effectively communicate, plan, and executive tasks make her an ideal candidate. She is motivated to increase awareness of the ASL program and the AAOMPT sSIG by promoting active participation, networking, and involvement at all levels. If elected, Madison will promote activities to engage and inspire students to get involved in the Academy.

Blog/Website Administrator

  • Matt McClanahan
    • Matt is a 2nd year physical therapy student at Missouri State University. He is the founder and President of MSU’s AAOMPT Student Local (ASL) program. He is also the VP of Programming for the Association of Student Physical Therapists at MSU, and the Treasurer for his state’s sSIG.
    • Matt is running for the Blog/Web Admin position because he is part of his state’s sSIG, and feels that he can help spread AAOMPT Student Local programs to every Missouri school as well as other Midwest schools.

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