AAOMPT sSIG Executive Board Position Descriptions

The AAOMPT sSIG Executive Board is traditionally elected following the annual AAOMPT conference each year. The sSIG Executive team serves until the following AAOMPT conference. The following roles of the sSIG Executive team:

President – The sSIG president keeps the sSIG Executive organized and on task. In addition, the sSIG president communicates with the AAOMPT Executive and the sSIG liaison from the Executive. The president is required to attend quarterly meetings (phone/web) with the AAOMPT Executive to represent the sSIG. In addition, the president submits an annual written report to the AAOMPT Executive about the sSIG’s activities, goals, and progress. The sSIG president is strongly encouraged to attend the annual AAOMPT conference.

Vice-President – The vice-president is often tasked with managing projects or goals by the president, alongside key sSIG executive team members. In addition, the vice-president works with the Conference Chair to ensure a smooth execution of events at the annual AAOMPT conference.

Member(s)-at-large – The member(s)-at-large serve as the coordinators of the AAOMPT Student Local (ASL) program and act as liaisons between ASL programs and the sSIG Executive. The sSIG Executive team has 2 members-at-large positions in order to split the country apart into 2 groups of 25 states to make coordination easier.

Conference Chair – The conference chair is tasked with planning and executing events at the annual AAOMPT conference as well as Combined Sections Meeting (CSM). Traditional events include a silent auction and 50/50 raffle, as well as a hands-on manual therapy event.

Director of Communications – This person is responsible for posting content to the AAOMPT Blog at least weekly (although not responsible for generating the content) as well as managing the AAOMPT Blog, answering comments, etc. This role is more technologically savvy than other roles. The AAOMPT Blog is run on a WordPress backbone. If you have experience with WordPress, running the AAOMPT Blog will be a breeze for you.