Featured Fellow: Gregory Jefferson PT, DPT, FAAOMPT

What inspired you to pursue fellowship training?

I was inspired to pursue the fellowship training because I had friends who had completed fellowship training. I saw their skill and mastery with manual and manipulative techniques as well as clinical reasoning. This encouraged me to pursue it. I spoke with a very influential physical therapist Dr. Stanley Paris and he recommended to pursue mastery in the field.

What fellowship program did you attend and why?

I did my fellowship training with University of Saint Augustine remotely. I had a mentor in Bonita Springs Florida by the name of Eric Douglas, he completed his fellowship through the Ola Grimsby Institute.

What did your fellowship program entail (as far as specific training, etc.)?

My fellowship program entailed all the requirements the American Academy required. I was also very fortunate to have Eric Douglass, who did his fellowship with the Ola Grimsby Institute and he focused our clinical work primarily on manual and manipulative techniques, and scientific therapeutic exercise progression strategies.

Are you trained in any specific areas of manual therapy (e.g., Maitland, McKenzie, etc.)? If so, why did you choose that area?

Yes, I’ve completed the certification is with the University of Saint Augustine, and completed all of the required coursework for Maitland, Brian Mulligan, James dunning. I chose the area of manual therapy because of it’s about movement, it’s about muscles joints ligaments, and  connective tissue. I selected manual therapy to help me address more specifically the musculoskeletal dysfunctions. I think that all schools of thought have something to offer the clinician.

What advice would you give to new grads aspiring to pursue residency/fellowship training?

I would advise all new graduates to seek of their a good residency program and then complete a fellowship program. Those programs should have nothing less than a strong manual, clinical reasoning coursework, dry needling, and therapeutic exercise.

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