Fellowship Corner: The Manual Therapy Institute

MTI was established by expert clinicians, Pieter Kroon and Tim Kruchowsky in 1998. It was recognized by the AAOMPT in 1998 and credentialed by the APTA in 2000. We have graduated over 285 Fellows; 35 of them have since joined our faculty.

Our Mission

The Manual Therapy Institute’s mission is to educate movement experts. To achieve this we believe our graduates need to show mastery of the following 7 domains:

  1. Advanced problem solving
  2. Joint mobilization/manipulation
  3. Soft tissue mobilization
  4. Treatment of Adverse Neural Tension
  5. Evaluation/treatment of muscle imbalance
  6. Tissue specific exercise prescription
  7. Patient education

The program incorporates current best evidence with a model that describes how changes in function can lead to restricted movement and complaints of pain. This model focuses on the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms, which facilitates an effective treatment plan for your patients.

Interview by: Pieter Kroon PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT, MTI Program Director

What makes your fellowship program unique compared to other programs?

MTI is a part-time fellowship program that allows fellows-in-training to complete their advanced training while working full time, in cohorts spread across the country. We have a broad list of clinical faculty, all of who have been through our challenging program, to help develop critical problem solving skills taught in our courses.

What would you consider the strengths of your program to be?

The strength of our program is our faculty. Since 1998, MTI has produced more fellows than any other program in the country. Clinical and teaching faculty are handpicked and mentored on cutting edge research and skill development. MTI holds 2-3 faculty development courses per year, bringing in leaders in our field including Laurie Hartman, Jill Cook, and Shirley Sahrmann. These courses are not only intended to develop our faculty for personal growth, but also so that our fellows-in-training can receive the most up to date and advanced mentorship possible.

What makes focused learning within a fellowship worth pursuing?

At MTI, we think that fellowship training is the highest level of learning in our profession. Fellowship programs provide structure and problem solving skills you will not find in any other type of educational setting. Additionally, your fellow students in the program provide a support network to aid you in your learning. Since our cohorts are set up regionally, there often are fellow-in-training led study sessions between classes.

What advice would you give to students that are seriously interested in pursuing fellowship training?

Try to secure clinical rotations with fellowship-trained therapists. These rotations will not be easy, but it will be very clear that there is much more to learn than PT school can teach. PT students who complete rotations under our fellows frequently apply to our program. Also, if you are in the area of one of our cohorts, contact us, and you can stop by during one of our classes.

What additional opportunities do your Fellows pursue after completing their training?

Many of our fellows who do well in the program are asked to be clinical faculty. This further drives our commitment to the highest level of education for our future cohorts. Some have gone on to pursue PhD and ScD degrees and obtain academic positions, as well as residency and fellowship programs. Also, many have also spoken at local and national conferences.


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