Fellowship and Residency

What’s the difference between a residency and a fellowship?

A clinical residency is designed to substantially advance a resident’s expertise in the examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention, and management of patients in a defined area of clinical practice (specialty). This focus may also include community service, patient education, research, and supervision of other health care providers (professional and paraprofessional). Often, the residency experience prepares an individual to become a board-certified clinical specialist.

A fellowship is designed for the graduate of a residency or board-certified therapist to focus on a subspecialty area of clinical practice, education, or research.

Additionally, applicants of a clinical fellowship program must have the following qualifications: 1) specialist certification or completion of a residency in a specialty area, 2) substantial clinical experience in a specialty area, and 3) demonstrable clinical skills within a particular specialty area.

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