Residency Corner: University of Utah Physical Therapy Sports Residency

Program Director: Misha Bradford PT, DPT, OCS

Current Resident :Celine Valentin

Description of the residency/fellowship program.

14-month Sports Residency which starts June of each year. 

Starting in 2023 we will take 2 residents. 

The resident spends 18 hrs/wk in the clinic, 4 hrs/wk work with an MD or advanced provider in an adult or pediatric sports medicine injury clinic, 8 hours/wk with College athletes, 5+ hrs/wk with local HS, 0-5+ with professional team. Didactic weekly with ortho residents.  Additional Sports specific didactic to cover specialized sports-related topics.

What makes your residency program unique compared to other programs? The ability to work with a variety sport teams at nearly all levels. Work with athletes with disabilities. Flexibility to self-direct your learning experiences

What would you consider the strengths of your program to be? 

Beautiful facilities in the clinic setting and University of Utah training rooms.  Excellent mentors with various training backgrounds and expertise committed to honing the craft of residency-level mentoring.  Ability to work with high school, college and professional athletes and with various teams.  Access to working with outdoor and gravity sports, including the US ski and snowboard team.  Opportunities to travel with the US Ski and Snowboard team either within the US or internationally.  Ability to work with athletes with disability.

What makes focused learning within a residency/fellowship worth pursuing?

One-on -one mentoring with a number of mentors in a variety of clinical settings

Many highly knowledgeable PT’s, ATC’s, and other professionals to learn from.

Work with a large variety of sports teams and different aged athletes

What advice would you give to students that are seriously interested in pursuing residency training? 

Consider working for a year or two to work on basic PT skills and then apply to the residency program.  This enables higher level of learning and challenges during the residency.

What additional opportunities do your residents in training pursue after completing their training? 

Work immediately with high school, college and professional athletes such as The Utah Jazz( NBA)

Salt lake city Stars ( NBA G league), Salt lake Bee’s ( Minor League Baseball), The US Olympic Ski and Snowboard team, Real Salt Lake (MLS) and Real Monarchs (MLS Next pro) along with mand education opportunities for colleagues and students.

What do you look for in a quality candidate for your residency program?

Open-minded, ability to productively and critically reflect on performance as a means to grow, engaged and committed to the practice of sports physical therapy, inclusive and committed to equity in healthcare and sport.  Willingness to work long hours.

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