AAOMPT sSIG Leadership Team


Steve Rodriguez, SPT

Contact Steve: s.rodriguez1@usa.edu

Hello everyone, my name is Steve Rodriguez and I’m currently in my final year at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.  As a lifelong learner, I feel that the AAOMPT sSIG aligns with the values and continued growth of a professional student who wishes to augment their clinical reasoning skills far beyond the entry-level clinician. As a student, I appreciate the opportunity to serve as part of this organization in order to assist in raising awareness and having a platform for student inclusion activities.  At my respective university, I try and play an active role in various segments of my education and strongly feel that the student experience can be enhanced with the growth of student local programs such as the AAOMPT student local sSIG. I look forward to working with like-minded students and professionals who have a passion for this unique specialty of physical therapy.

Vice President

John Morgan, SPT

Contact John: john.morgan@som.umaryland.edu

Hello, my name is John Morgan and I attend the University of Maryland, Baltimore and will be graduating in 2023. I hope to pursue a residency in orthopedics after graduation and continue to focus on improving my clinical skills.  I strongly believe that focusing on patient outcomes and standards of care among clinicians for which AAOMPT advocates, and was interested in serving an organization that strives for these ideals. I serve as my class APTA representative and treasurer for our university’s student senate. I strongly value service to my peers, enjoy making new friends, nurturing interprofessional relationships through school and professional organizations. I am an active professional musician and have taught music at the primary, secondary, and collegiate levels.  I love working with performing artists both as a musician and as a student physical therapist.


Kyle Ohnemus, SPT

Contact Kyle: kyle.ohnemus@cuanschutz.edu

My name is Kyle Ohnemus, and I am a third-year DPT student at the University of Colorado. After graduation, I plan on moving to Oregon and attending an orthopedic physical therapy residency. I was exposed to manual physical therapy early in my education and became fascinated by its ability to improve symptoms, promote movement, and facilitate the therapeutic alliance. Recognizing my passion for OMPT, I began serving as president of the Student Local Chapter at CU and Member at Large for the AAOMPT National sSIG, where I help promote student engagement and facilitate learning opportunities. Outside of AAOMPT, I enjoy serving my community as a tutor, member of the outreach group, and student clinician at CU’s pro-bono clinic. When I am not studying or in clinic, I like to surf, snowboard, rock climb, and spend time with friends and family!


Steph Neast, SPT 

Contact Steph: sneast@radford.edu

Hello, my name is Steph Neast and I attend Radford University Carilion, and I am a rising third year. My goals after graduation are to start working, either in acute care or outpatient, and possibly look into residency. I initially got involved in my university’s AAOMPT sSIG because my mentor was the president and invited me to have a leadership role.  I had enjoyed learning about manual therapy in classes and felt that hands-on treatment was a good way to build trust with a patient, so I agreed to be the secretary.  I liked helping with our meetings and always felt like I was learning new things and reviewing skills that I hadn’t practiced in a while.  The rest of the leadership team was a year above me, so when they all left, I became the president and was able to form a new leadership team to continue the sSIG. I am originally from Mechanicsburg, PA and I attended Radford University for undergrad where I was a member of the volleyball team.  I loved (and still love) lifting and was an NSCA All-American my senior year of college.

Conference Chair

Olivia Hocevar, SPT

Contact Olivia: olivia.hocevar@live.mercer.edu

Hello, my name is Olivia Hocevar and I am currently in my third year at Mercer University in Atlanta, GA. After graduation, my plan is to pursue a residency in Orthopedic Therapy. I became a member of my local chapter of the AAOMPT sSIG to gain more experience in the realm of orthopedic PT. I loved being able to engage with fellow peers, residents, and fellows through group meetings and decided that I’d like to get involved with the AAOMPT on a more national level. As mentioned, I am currently a member of our local chapter’s AAOMPT sSIG and I serve as Fundraising Chair for my cohort at Mercer. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking and paddleboarding with my pup!

Director of Communications

Contact: TBA

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