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Within the past 8 months, the AAOMPT Student Local program has grown from 6 universities to 19 universities (over 200% increase)! All of this is credited to the local leadership that each of these programs has ensuring its success. Here you can find an update on the latest and greatest happenings of the AAOMPT Student Local Programs across the country!

List of All Accredited ASL Programs

Clarkson University

Duke University

East Tennessee State University

Emory & Henry College

Radford University

Temple University

Texas Tech University

Thomas Jefferson University

University of North Dakota

Virginia Commonwealth University

A.T. Still University

University of Michigan-Flint

Northwestern University

University of Colorado

Northern Arizona University

California State Long Beach

Missouri State University

Regis University

East Tennessee State University

Thomas Jefferson University: As a newly formed ASL program, Ryan Campanella and his officers recruited 45 students to join their group. Semester highlights include “Gait analysis of the barefoot runner” with a hands on component of various foot/ankle special tests and joint mobilizations.

Clarkson University: Megan Shaia reports that their ASL program has been “encouraging peers to get further certifications and forming contacts with skilled PTs in the profession.” Putting action behind words, the semester featured a presentation by Jeff Moore from ICE Physio and EIM on the importance of professional development and mentorship.

East Tennessee State University

Radford University: Spearheaded by Nathan Willaford this program creatively blended first and second year curriculum into Integrative Labs which included article appraisals focused on manual therapy interventions. Each intervention was then applied in a clinical scenario and practiced in lab.

Texas Tech University: With Stephen Ford at the helm, the spring semester involved a two part series on the understanding and treatment of fascia focusing on the principle of biotensegrity followed with a discussion on the fascial distortion model. It all culminated with a Level I Trigger Point Dry Needling Course provided by Patty Pennell of Therapy Concepts, Inc. for current third year students. Further activities included philanthropic events with South Plains Rehab and Special Olympics as well as sponsoring several students to attend both AAOMPT and CSM conferences.

Temple University

University of Nevada Las Vegas: Nick Dawson and his crew of officers focused on providing a deeper understanding of content sparsely covered in their normal classes to their members. Presentations included a greater understanding on PT body mechanics during soft tissue mobilization and the McKenzie based approach to orthopaedic manual therapy.

Temple University: Jeff Kurtz also impressed with garnering 43 students to their newly formed program. Semester highlights included providing opportunities to explore the latest evidence related to manual therapy as it pertained to LBP and hip mobilizations. He reports “feedback has been very positive and they look forward to growing in the near future.”

Temple University

Northern Arizona University: Christopher Campbell spearheaded the formation of the ASL at his school, which is now being taken over by first year interim president Matt Rysdyk. They are excited to change the way students practice and learn manual therapy by being “purposeful with motor skills” instead of “going through the motions.” Their group of 30 students participates in student led manual skill practice sessions to foster independent decision making, purposeful practice and higher level clinical reasoning.

University of Colorado: Paige Williams and the 60 members in their local group gained a deeper understanding of mobility vs stability in a two-part lecture and lab series last semester. They not only attended lectures put on by Fellows Jeff Ryg and Kristin Carpenter, but also attended student run journal clubs and manual therapy practice sessions where they were empowered to think about higher level clinical reasoning.

Temple University

California State Long Beach: James Cox founded the ASL at California State Long Beach this past semester. Their group of 30 students have enjoyed critically thinking through cervical spine pathologies and specific manual therapy interventions. Their group reports that every presentation encourages students to think outside the box and energizes them to learn new techniques.

Regis University: Clare Antonioli just recently formed a group this month and is excited to plan events!

East Tennessee State University: Grace Ivy, Melissa Buehler and Emily Grieshaber have been organizing ASL meetings in collaboration with Dr, Michael Bourassa for their +30 member club.  Topics such as Clinical Reasoning through the Subjective Exam, Cupping, info on Residency/Fellowship, and Cervical Spine Examination have been topics so far this year.

We at the sSIG are excited about the opportunity to bring AAOMPT and advanced orthopedic manual therapy to your university. If you are interested in being a recognized AAOMPT Student Local Program, please complete the ASL Application here at

We look forward to another semester with opportunities to engage with you all to advance orthopedic manual therapy!

East Tennessee State University

Paige Williams & Stephen Ford

Members at Large, AAOMPT sSIG

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