Regarding Reciprocal Reciprocity

Recently, President Bob Rowe announced the agreement of Reciprocity between AAOMPT and the New Zealand Manual Physical Therapists Association (NZMPA).  Graduates from IFOMPT approved learning institutions monitored by the IFOMPT Member Organizations have all met a set of minimum requirements that meet the standards as set in the IFOMPT Educational Standards Document.

Meeting these requirements implies that graduates from each Member Organizations’ learning institutions have met and passed equivalent educational standards which now allow AAOMPT members to become Fellows of NZMPA and also allow NZMPA members to become Fellows of AAOMPT.

This reciprocity agreement provides opportunities for PT’s who receive educational training in OMPT within one member organization (MO) who leave that MO and go to live and practice in another MO to become “full” members of the latter’s organization representing OMPT (in the case of AAOMPT to be recognized as Fellows – not all MO’s utilize that recognition).

If you trained and are living in the US then you would not apply to become a Fellow of NZMPA for additional credentials. Reciprocity is intended for individuals who move from one country to another to be able to be active participants in the MO to which they have moved.  Without reciprocity this is not an option.

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